The wealth management and financial planning process consists of a series of steps taken to help clients identify opportunities and risks, and the steps necessary to reach their financial goals. We help clients find a balance that allows them to live for today and have peace of mind about a secure future.

For each person, “genuine wealth” may be defined as something different as we all have different values and dreams. Our customer service process ensures we keep our clients’ dreams top of mind. Our approach includes:

  • Regular meetings to assess portfolio performance and nurture relationships
  • Monthly reporting and internet-accessible daily valuations
  • Efficient portfolio management and timely rebalancing

From financial planning to investment advice, we focus on helping our clients grow their wealth.

Our clients work hard every day to provide for themselves and their loved ones. As experienced advisors, we help our clients build upon and transform that hard work into a holistic picture of financial health and prosperity. We work closely with clients to align their values, needs and lifestyle goals to achieve well-being on a greater scale.

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As a trusted advisor, we regularly review investment performance and risk tolerance to protect and maximize our clients’ portfolios.

At Genuine Wealth, we take a proactive approach to portfolio management. We recognize that just as the market changes, so do personal circumstances. Reassessment and evaluation are important steps in protecting our clients long-term, especially in times of transition or uncertainty. We continuously match portfolios with clients’ evolving needs to provide financial security, flexibility and freedom.

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Estate planning is just one way we help clients have peace of mind that their wealth will benefit loved ones for generations.

Many clients seek life care planning in preparation for transitional life stages, which can often be emotional and complicated times. At Genuine Wealth, we help guide financially clients through every transition. With our sister company, Dickmann, Reason, Bogigian and White, we’re able to offer clients a wide range of services all under one roof – allowing our team to seamlessly coordinate estate planning, financial planning and investment management. We address goals and concerns to preserve and transfer assets for lifetimes to come.

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