What Makes Us Genuine

Flexible Portfolio Management

By using TD Ameritrade, an independent third party for trading and custody of client assets, Genuine Wealth has the universe of investments available to use in developing customized investment solutions to meet client goals and risk tolerance. Be it individual stocks (equities) and bonds (fixed income), mutual funds, ETFs, alternative investments or passive index driven investment solutions, every client has access to the appropriate investments to achieve their goals.

Low, Transparent Fees

Unlike many brokers, we are true professionals with one simple and transparent fee model based on the size of each client's portfolio.  We don't earn commissions so there is never an incentive to buy/sell or frequently trade.  If our client does better, we do better.

Direct Customer Service

We provide clients with objective, honest and transparent financial advice tailored to their unique goals, and we don't believe it's possible to over communicate.  Our clients entrust us with their financial presents and futures, so we want them to have the peace of mind that their investment portfolio performance is always top of mind.  Through a professional alliance, we are also able to provide a complete estate plan to our clients, from beginning to end.